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Enterprise Toolkit
Suitable for up to 30 KS2 children.
£414.00  Inc VAT
Enterprise Toolkit
Stationery Shop Enterprise Training Toolkit
Please click the Downloads tab (above) for our Stationery Shop information pack & an interview with children and staff in four primary schools who completed the Tuck Shop enterprise training - the principles are the same.
    Pupils Profit Enterprise Training Toolkit contains everything a schools needs to train up to 30 children to set up an launch a break time stationery shop. The children will complete a business plan, assess their skills applying for job roles, understand how to operate the business, and finally evaluate the business capturing what's worked well and what they'd like to change.
      The Toolkit contains:
        Comprehensive Staff Guide and Powerpoint.
      Template based training materials.
        Set of stationery samples to assess and score.
      30 Job Description Booklets for each job role.
        Motivational reward banking books, stickers, and prizes.
      Operations Folder including comprehensive set of 'How to Guides' (wipe clean!).
Suitable for up to 30 KS2 children.
£414.00  Inc VAT
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