Stabilo Easy Orginal Pen Right

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STABILO EASYoriginal ergonomic rollerball pen is a handwriting pen approved by UK teachers and is specially designed for left or right handers. It is a must-have in every pencil case. Ideal for learning to write with its moulded grip zone and slightly arched shape allowing young hands to hold the pen in the correct way without any strain. Writing with the STABILO EASYoriginal is very relaxed and prevents muscles from tiring so that all school children can really enjoy learning to write without any cramps. The stylish and comfortable rollerball, glides easily over paper. Its sturdy nib means that it will not break or bend under pressure, nor will it get scratchy or blot. What's more, each refill comes with a brand new nib, meaning the handwriting pen always stays fresh and there is no mess during a change over. The STABILO EASYoriginal is the first ergonomic rollerball specially designed for left or right handers. Its moulded grip zone is made from non-slip material which helps prevents muscle fatigue and pain. The official pen licence pen. Every refill has a new tip making it extremely easy to refill with no mess. Approved by UK teachers for handwriting in school. Not suitable for 0-3 years old. Approx size: 15cm long by 2cm wide outside packaging.
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  • Manufacturer: Stabilo

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