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Pupils Profit initiatives are based on 17 years of senior level retail experience, offering insight and anecdotes to reinforce the training. We share a passion for inspiring children and young people to believe in their potential as future business people. We believe that Pupils Profit initiatives fuel their ambitions, and help to develop the skills and the attitude required to attain them.

Our approach:

We support the 'whole school' approach to enterprise education, by giving a year group the opportunity to take ownership of an enterprise initiative. The initiatives are suitable for a class of 30 to participate at one time; a single entry school would run the business for a year. In a multiple entry year group the classes would each run the business for a term or half term, competing against each other. The Eco Refill Station can be set up and operated by the Eco Action Tean.

We support the planning, set up and operation of the business. We use evaluations to enable the pupils to assess what's contributed to the success of their business, what problems they've encountered and how successfully they've overcome them.

We've aligned our training with the Skills Builder Partnership to use a unified approach to skills development throughout a child's time in education.

The products:

We select products based on their health and educational benefits and how strongly they appeal to children and young people. Its much more fun to sell something you love! We deliver the products directly to your school.

How to work with us:

Councils:�we�ve been engaged by councils, public bodies and charities to establish schoolyard enterprises, and to measure the impact of the enterprise on the children directly involved, and on the wider school community. �The ECO Refill Shop can demonstrate plastic waste reduction, behaviour change and skills development.

You can shop online at our web shop, however most schools email us their order and pay on invoice via BACS. �Please get in touch to request an Order Form

Find out more about our Tuck Shop, and Eco Refill Shop initiatives or Visit our Web Shop.

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